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We gladly welcome active or retired licensed Massachusetts nurse to join our organization.


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To request our services or to learn more about joining the Nurses Honor Guard of Massachusetts, please send request or email us at:

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You may wish to honor the memory of your loved one by making a donation in their name to the Nurses Honor Guard.

The Massachusetts Nurses Honor Guard recognizes Nurses who have dedicated their lives to the profession of Nursing. The purpose of the Nurse’s Honor Guard is to provide comfort and support to the family and friends of a fallen nurse, letting them, as well as the community know the value of each nurse that is honored.

The Massachusetts Nurses Honor Guard considers it a privilege to participate in the memorial services of fellow nurses and celebrate their years of service.

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501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Massachusetts Nurses Honor Guard is staffed primarily by volunteers and funded by donations from individuals, churches, businesses and service clubs.

As an established 501(c)3 organization your financial support is tax deductible.

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